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-Dine-In, Italian Meatball Breadstick Sandwich

Day 64, Meal 151

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My Rating:It’s the day after my marathon, and I’m SORE! I (unfortunately) had to go to the office today, which means walking around and being mobile! Normally I work from home, so I expected to relax today in my office chair in-front of the computer, but things didn’t go as planned! The up-side is we have an Olive Garden around the corner from work, so I got to stop in for lunch today. I decided to try another Breadstick Sandwich, on the Lunch Duo menu, which starts at $6.99, and includes unlimited Soup or Salad in addition to your entree. […]

-Dine-In, Spicy Calabrian Chicken Breadstick Sandwich (with parmesan-garlic fries)

Day 59, Meal 145

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My Rating:It’s Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day Eve! Yes, that’s a thing 🙂 I’m over in Orlando and for lunch I’m stopping over at my normal go-to at the ORLANDO – WATERFORD LAKES NEAR UCF location for dine-in. I had Autumn, one of the servers I’ve had on a couple of occasions. I ended up trying a Breadstick Sandwich, my first time since my very own Stickwich Week, where I created Olive Garden sandwiches using the Never Ending Pasta Bowl sauces/toppings and their Signature Breadsticks. I decided to try the Lunch Duo, where you can create your own lunch combination starting at […]